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Price Harry with his sister in law Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, wearing exquisitely comfortable $400-a-pair Le Chameau wellies.

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WELLINGTON BOOTS — The Royal Family's favorite footwear. Wellies are one of the most useful items on Earth and wearing these colorful rain boots presents an in vogue fashion statement to boot.

We've seen the images of Queen Elizabeth sloshing around Balmoral in her wellington boots, peripatetic corgis in tow. Wellington boots, though invented in Britain, are also very popular in Canada, particularly in springtime, when melting snows leave the ground wet and muddy for a couple of months. Children can be seen wearing them to school and taking them to summer camps. In fact in almost any climate a pair of Wellies has become essential footwear. There has been a surge in popularity for wellington boots in the United States among sailors, hikers, equestrians, outdoor enthusiasts and even city dwellers making their way to work in wet weather.

Elizabeth wearing Wellington boots
Queen Elizabeth walks in her wellies. The Hunter Wellingtons brand has been awarded a Royal Warrant for serving the monarchy

Green Wellingtons are most popular in Britain, while black Wellingtons, particularly with red or green soles, remain the favourite of Canadians. Yellow-soled black Wellingtons are often seen in the USA in addition to Canadian styles. Wellingtons specifically made for cold weather, lined with warm insulating material, are especially popular during North American winters. Recently Americans have discovered the exciting world of wellies and wellington boots have become a very trendy fashion item. Worldwide manufacturers are producing exotic patterns in colorful styles while Britain and France, with their outdoor hunting heritages, are the leaders in Wellington boot technology.

Wellington boots have come a long way since grandpa slipped on a pair of black wellies from the local hardware store to put out the trash or clean the stables. Today hundreds of striking new styles have evolved from yesteryear's simple moulded rubber boot.

Poppy pattern
Wellington boots
A very popular poppy patterned welington boot

The new generation of wellies have become indispensible outdoor footwear. We buy them for leisure use, gardening, walking, military exercises and expedition hikes through foreign jungles. Specialty boots have emerged on the market designed for yachting, hunting, fishing, farming, and even fire protection. It's safe to say that perhaps second only to hiking boots, atheletic shoes and sneakers, Wellington boots have the most diversity of style and engineering in the outdoor footwear niche.

One of the most delightful displays of this evolution is Hunter's new line of Ladies' patterned gardening wellies. Available in both Ankle length and Full Knee, the Gardening Wellingtons feature beautiful patterns such as Vegetables, Roses and Peaches. Of course traditionalists can still find their favorite long and short standard wellies and muck boots, but now in colors way beyond boring black, including Ultramarine, Chocolate, Silver, Pink, Powder blue and Iris!

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Hunter Wellington boots
Hunter, the world's most popular rubber boot brand, sells wellies for farming, fashion, fun and even firemen

For animal lovers there's the Whateley Giraffe High Wellington Boot with a removable orthopaedic insole to enhance comfort. While you're in the safari mood check out the creature patterns such as Leopard and Zebra. Whateley's festive Pink Twirl wellie for kids is a cute children's boot but the Kidorable Childs Frog Wellington adorned by a moulded frog face toe takes the cake for originality.

The king of wellies is the Hunter Sovereign, hand-made and finished by a team of master boot builders. This is probably the world's most exclusive field boot. Sovereign's serviceability brings it as close to a bespoke boot as you can find, featuring a lining of soft Scottish leather, a full length replaceable zip, a waterproof gusset and a multi-layer insulating shock absorbing footbed.

Supermodel Cate
Moss wears Wellington boots
Cate Moss loves her muddy Wellies

Brits love their
Wellington boots were invented in England

The Hunter boot brand also reigns supreme in a modern way with Hunter's new Balmoral Bamboo Carbon wellington with the very latest Hunter boot and sole technology. This includes an innovative odor reducing "wicking" liner that dispenses moisture away from skin with thermal properties that improve blood  circulation to keep the foot warm. The Vulcanized natural rubber construction allows for a sculptured boot top with stylish contrasting piping, and orthopaedic designed contours. The legendary Hunter fit is adjusted by a removable insole and the moulded synthetic rubber sole is springy for an energy rebound in the forepart with heel shock absorbing pads in the rear. All in all a high tech wellington boot for those who spend time outdoors enjoying their land.

Hot on Hunter's heels is the advanced technology Le Chameau line, masterpieces in footwear engineering. Le Chameau Vega Outlast Evolution Wellington Boots are hiking boots par excellence. Perfectly comfortable even on rough terrain, the Vegas are the only rubber wellington boots with a specially developed Vibram sole, combining a superior grip with amazing lightness. With this revolutionary new design's Outlast lining these Les Chameaux (sure footed and climate controlled as camels!) maintain comfort and temperature control for your feet absorbing excess body heat and then releasing it as the body cools down, keeping your feet at a constant temperature.

Chameau's Chasseurnord Gents Wellington Boots are another choice for gentlemen prefering excellent insulating properties. The Chasseurnord is light, compact and does not absorb water. It is quick and easy to slip on too.

Aigle Parcours Iso Wellington Boots are a popular wellington boots for country walking, offering comfort and practicality with the added feature of an adjustable waterproof gusset. With a Neoprene lining, these wellington boots have been designed to cope with very low temperatures up to -20 degrees celsius ensuring warm feet at all times in harsh winter conditions.

Kidorable Froggie
rain boots.jpg

Younger children love the Kidorable line of animal and patterned Wellington rain boots.

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